5 Ways to Cultivate PEACE

"Oh what peace we often forfeit; oh, what needless pain we bear..."

This is a line from one of my favorite songs; and isn’t it so true? The intent is not to dismiss the valid feelings and emotions that occur as a result of hardship, difficulty, or trauma. Moreso, it’s a reminder of the peace that’s always available. Having peace does not mean that you're without conflicts or challenges. Rather, in spite of external circumstances, you have a sturdy foundation and a heart that is settled. Below are five simple ways to help cultivate a peaceful environment, and promote peace within:

1. Write

When you’re experiencing complex feelings, writing out your thoughts is a great way to process your emotions. Releasing everything that’s on your mind can be freeing and helps capture a moment in time. The more you write, you can see your progress and have a record of how far you’ve come. Get a cute journal, and a fancy pen and write it out!

2. Breathe

Create some time in your day to just breathe… intentional deep breathing. If this isn’t something you already do, start with one minute of silence and inhale deeply and exhale slowly. As you get used to it, keep adding on small increments of time daily. This simple practice will help you relax and reset.

3. Create

Whether you consider yourself to be an artist or not, everyone has the ability to create. If you have a passion or even an interest in a particular craft or hobby, invest some time in doing what you love or learning something new. This could be a painting, a new hairstyle, a screenplay, a recipe you’ve been meaning to try, lyrics to a song… there are endless options. Remember, if an idea is in your mind, you can make it exist in reality.

4. Tidy

It’s much easier to feel peace when your environment is clean, fresh, and organized. If you’re feeling overwhelmed or stressed, a cluttered space does not help matters. At least once a week (more if you’re able), set aside time to refresh and reset your home and workspace. Purge trash, put things back where they belong, wipe down surfaces, and reorganize. Make it fun by playing your favorite music, and when you’re done… of course you light a candle. “Peace” is a great choice to burn when you’re done cleaning.

5. Gather

Even if you’re an introvert, spending quality time with people you love and trust can restore your spirit and give you a sense of comfort, security, and peace. We’re not meant to live this life alone. If it’s been awhile (or even if it hasn’t), hit up the group chat, call your BFF, and invite your loved ones over or head to brunch or dinner. You won’t regret it.

There are many other ways to cultivate and promote peace in your life, but this can get you started. What would you add to this list?

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