4 Ways to Pamper Yourself for RELIEF

Going to the spa is amazing, but can get expensive to incorporate on a regular basis. Why not treat yourself at home? Check out four inexpensive ways you can relieve stress and pamper yourself in the comfort of your own home:

1. Eucalyptus Shower 

If you’re still having regular, boring old showers; it’s time to upgrade yourself! Create an experience by hanging fresh eucalyptus on your shower head. The steam from the shower will activate and release the oil compounds in the leaves for your very own aromatherapy session. Eucalyptus leaves can be found in many grocery stores, at your local florist, and even on Amazon. Give it a try!

2. Bath Salts

Bubble baths are great, but a salt bath provides many benefits that can improve your mood and your skin. High quality bath salts are rich in minerals and can help ease aches and pains. They can also promote rest by improving the quality of your sleep and helping you to relax. I recommend purchasing handmade, artisan bath salts from a local maker. Comment below if you have a favorite brand.

3. Jade Roller

Investing in a jade roller can provide you with the ability to give yourself a thorough facial massage every day. Not only are jade rollers an aesthetically beautiful tool to add to your bathroom counter, they also provide great benefits. They’re cool to the touch and are known to improve circulation and reduce puffiness in your face. You can find jade rollers for less than $20, so consider incorporating it into your beauty routine.

4. Body Oil

After every bath or shower it’s important to moisturize your skin. You can create your own body oil for daily use to reduce costs, and get the scent you want. I’m partial to jojoba or coconut oil as a base. Then you add the essential oils of your liking. Be careful when choosing essential oils (some can be damaging to your skin), and be sure to add the proper amount. There are many body oil recipes online to use as a guide. Once you find a recipe you like, you’ll always have your own supply.

If you haven’t already, I suggest you order a couple of “RELIEF” candles to incorporate into your routine as well. The scent is refreshing and can help you de-stress and set the environment for your pampering sessions. How do you pamper yourself? Add to the list by posting a comment!

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